Which Product Label Always Denotes a Whole Grain Product?


Are you looking for a label that aids in identifying the whole-grain product? Fortunately, there is a unique stamp for all the whole-grain-specific products. The Whole Grains Council is the authority behind this stamp. The stamp appeared for the first time in 2005; since then, it has been widely used on products for assisting customers.

The use of this stamp on products & food labels certifies that the products are made of Whole Grain ingredients, and customers can choose these products with great ease.

Types of whole-grain product labels:

Mainly, you’ll find two different types of whole-grain product labels. These include:

100% Whole Grain Product labels – used on products with all ingredients being whole grain

50% whole grain Product labels – used on products with at least half of the whole-grain ingredients

Is there always a whole grain product stamp?

Not every product contains a whole grain product stamp, even it is made out of the right grains. So how can you identify the Whole Grain Product?

You’ll find a statement saying “100% whole wheat” on some products, highlighting the use of Whole grain ingredients in the products. However, if you don’t find any more details, you shouldn’t trust the whole-grain claim made by the brand.

Read the labels:

The labels containing ingredients are another way to find whole-grain products. Look for the word “whole” in the list to find the whole-grain items. But this doesn’t guarantee the presence of significant whole grain in the product. It can be anywhere from 1% to 49% as nothing is clear, so you can’t be sure.

Multigrain products:

Identifying the Whole Grain ingredients in the multigrain products gets even more complex. In such cases, the product labels usually mention the ingredients. But the contribution of each ingredient in food products forming the entire product is often omitted. So, there is no way to find the exact composition of the Whole Grain.

In such a case, the presence of a Whole Grain stamp can be your savior.

How is fiber associated with being a Whole Grain product?

You might be considering the fiber as an indication of whole-grain usage in the products. But honestly, it is not even a close estimate. The amount of fiber in different grains is significantly different, so you cannot find much about the use of Whole-Grain by reading the fiber quantity in a product.

Summing up:

Finding a Whole-grain product is quite complex without the special Whole Grain Stamp. Usually, the brands offering specialized products use these special stamps to help customers find them easily. But if the unique stickers aren’t there, you’ll have to go through the entire ingredient list on the label, but you still cannot be sure about the Whole Grain presence.

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