Label Printing Wichita, Kansas

Label Printing Wichita, Kansas

For the last 30 years, we have been in the label printing industry. We aim to provide the best product labels with high-quality print and appropriate materials so that your products look exactly as you have planned.

During our journey of three decades, we have partnered with companies working in different niches, helping them grow their brand by establishing the right product image through labels in Wichita, Kansas.

To provide you with the highest label quality, we invest in modern technology, the right people, and the best equipment. Combining them with our values of honesty and integrity, we have developed our name in the industry.

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Which industries do we serve?

We have years of experience in serving clients in different industries. Here’s a brief overview of the major industries we provide services to:

Food Industry:

One of the prominent industries from which we get our customers is the food industry. Whether you launch a new biscuit or some kitchen spices, you are required by law to provide ingredients and nutritional facts about the product. Besides, manufacturing, expiry date, batch no. etc. are the other details consumers expect.

Furthermore, you cannot expect your target market to buy your product if it won’t feel appealing and the best in the genre. In making all of it happen, labels play an important role. You can contact us; we are ready to help you design and print the best food labels.

Beverage Industry:

Juices, squashes, and smoothies all fall into the beverage industry. If you have any of these products up for selling, you can contact us, and we can give you insights into how things work in the beverage label industry. We are sure knowing more about the industry’s best practices will lead you to create the best labels for your product.

Cannabis Industry:

Cannabis products are technical when it comes to selling them in the market. The federal authorities impose certain restrictions that you have to fulfill in sourcing and manufacturing these products and labeling them.

If you’re new to the industry, keeping the vibrant image of the cannabis label while satisfying all the requirements is difficult. But you can get help from industry experts and make your product stand out from the competitors.

Health & Beauty Industry:

Selling your product in the health and beauty sector highly depends on how it looks on the outside. Effective packaging plays an important role in determining its look. Problems with readability or low-quality images negatively impact the potential customer.

We realize it and offer you premium health and beauty label printing. That too at an affordable price!

Nutraceutical and Supplements Industry:

Nutraceuticals and supplements are the products in the market, and customers are more interested in labels than other things. They want to know what is in it and how it will help you. Besides, the different shapes of the containers require you to put effort into a good-looking label.

You can contact our expert team to help create nutraceutical and supplement labels for your business.

Shipping and Packaging Industry:

Do you ship your products to the customers? You’ll need the shipping and packaging labels, so your product reaches the customers in the best possible condition. Our team can assist you in selecting the right material, product and size for your parcels so they can reach their destination timely.


Do you want to offer a discount to your customers on Christmas, Easter or your anniversary? Let the customers know about it through every means, including your promotional labels. At M&R Labels, you can get the appropriate labels created with high-end technology to attract customers’ attention.

Industrial & Chemical Industry:

Another type of label that M&R Label specializes in industrial labels. The chemical products need special instructions for carrying, using and disposing of.

We can help you create perfect labels for your products. Contact us now to get things done.

Bottle Industry:

What size of bottles are you manufacturing? You must need labels for all the different types. We can help you provide the bottle labels satisfying all your requirements.

If you need labels for water, wine, and beer bottles, our team at M&R Labels can help you.

Who are we? Label Printing Specialists

We are label printing specialists working to provide high-quality labels since 1989. Some of our values include integrity, honesty, and loyalty. Because of these values, we have sustained in the industry for so long, helping clients get the best labels for their products.

We have an expert team ready to cater to all the customized requests for labels within a short time. It can make things easier for you with the availability of the perfect quality products.

Where are we?

We can help you with your product labels anywhere in Wichita, Kansas. You can be located anywhere around Wichita Art Museum or Exploration Place Wichita. All you have to do is contact our team, and we can provide you with the best quote. Call us now!

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