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LED-UV and UV Label Printing: What’s the Difference?


Technology has taken over everything, and we see a shift from conventional methods to new methods in every field. Printing presses and the various methods used to print labels and marketing brochures have changed significantly.

UV printing and LED UV printing are now the leading techniques. However, what is the difference between LED-UV and UV printing?

Let’s get to know which one would be a good choice and why.

Gone are the days when printers were actually a press, which required a lot of manual work, and the screens had to be prepared for multiple prints. Nowadays, the use of light and ink is all it takes to produce prints in bulk.

Here is all you need to know about both these printing techniques.

What Is UV Printing?

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UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses UV lighting for drying the ink. This form of printing is suitable for all kinds of paper, cardboard, hardboards, and even plastics. When the ink is spread on the substrate, the use of UV lighting can dry it fast. This method of drying is quick and cost-effective.

This method of drying was initially introduced as a nail polish dryer in the cosmetic business. However, it has been adapted for printing techniques effectively. The result of UV printing is a flawless and long-lasting print that does not lose its luster.

All kinds of labels, flyers, brochures, and printed text are printed with this technique, and the best results become apparent. UV printing is a lot like conventional printing, but the special inks and the UV light in the printer machines make it unique.

What is LED-UV Printing?

LED UV printing is the latest technology that uses the LED UV printer, which has fewer moving parts and uses computer technology to print fine prints quickly.

The perfect quality of an LED UV printer will be a good fit for all kinds of businesses that require a high number of prints within a short time. Moreover, this printing technique will be best if a business requires detailed prints or advertisements with contrasting colors.

LED UV printing is cutting-edge technology, but it does not cost a lot as it requires the use of the same kind of material as other printing methods. A printer can allow business owners to get quick prints of any type while the use of ink is limited.

The economy of this process makes it the most attractive method for all kinds of businesses.

What Is The Difference Between UV Printing and LED UV Printing?

The difference between these printing methods is primarily the kind of light used. LED UV generates an energy wavelength from the light-emitting diodes (LED), which do not consume a lot of electricity. The light spectrum of this light source is between 385 and 395 nanometers.

On the contrary, the UV light source emits energy of wavelengths between 260 and 440 nanometers. This light is from a mercury-vapor bulb, which is costlier than the LED bulb.

However, UV printing is less efficient when compared to LED UV printing because the broad spectrum of light from the mercury-vapor bulb is not used fully, and technically, the rest of the energy goes to waste.

The wavelength needed for drying ink efficiently is between the LED light wavelength range, which is why it presents a more effective energy use. The infrared light produced by the UV printer turns to heat, and that can damage the printing device, paper, and, consequently, the environment.

The difference between these two types of printing methods is also the ink. The ink used for conventional methods is solvent-based, meaning it can dry out when left unused for a few days. The chemicals in the ink evaporate, and they tend to stick in the cartridge. LED UV inks are dried instantly using adequate UV light.

Another difference between these printing techniques is that UV printing is similar to conventional printing, and there will be no need to replace the printing rollers when using UV light to dry the ink.

However, LED UV printing needs new rollers because the conventional ones can swell and shrink. Moreover, these rollers will disturb the consistency of the ink used in LED UV printing.

Which Printing Technique Is Better?

The printing technique you choose for your business should be the one that would suit your printing needs. Are you in need of more prints within a short time? UV and LED UV printing is fast, but LED UV is environment-friendly and does not cause too much heating.

On the contrary, it will require a change in the conventional machinery and rollers if you opt for UV printing. Measuring the differences, we might be more inclined towards LED UV printing because of the low-energy usage and excellent quality. However, the cost of new equipment has to be accounted for when making the decision.

Last Words

Printing labels, brochures, flyers, and all business-related materials demand quality and longevity because everyone wants their prints to be used for a long time. UV and LED UV printing are the latest methods with the best results.

However, you must know the difference between both these techniques to select the one that suits your business needs. The information shared here is instrumental in deciding the printing method for you.

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