How to Read a Sports Beverage Nutrition Label?


While reading a sports beverage nutrition label, you might feel that the information on the label is complex to understand. If that is the case, then this article can help you read and interpret sports beverage nutrition labels.

Usually, there are two distinct beverage labels on a bottle, one for the front and the other for the back.

Front side labels:

On the front side, you’ll usually find the name of the brand, the flavor, and other elements of brand. There is rarely any nutritional info on the front label.

Backside of the label:

The back label is where you’ll find the nutritional facts, ingredients, and other details related to the manufacturer.

Serving size

In the nutritional facts section, you’ll find the serving size at the top of the label.  This is the case in nearly all sports beverage labels.  It tells the consumer about the serving size and the total number of servings in the bottle.


Another essential thing to find on the nutritional label is the number of calories. You can find the calories per serving and in the overall bottle.

Nutritional facts:

The nutritional facts section contains the nutrition value per serving. It also provides data about the daily value it offers.. In some cases, the percentage of each nutrient in comparison to the total nutrients is also part of the label.

Manufacturer’s detail:

The back label also contains information about manufacturer, including the address and contact details. If you want to ask a question or contact the manufacturer, you can use this information to do so.

Summing Up:

Reading the sports beverage label isn’t difficult. You can learn all the important details and make a rational choice, or our label printing company in Chicago can help you in getting things right.

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