how to make food labels

How to make a Food Label?


Creating a food label is one of the essential activities in the final phase of product development. It can influence the buying behavior of the consumer. In most cases, it also helps in complying with the legal requirements imposed by FDA.

You can outsource the creation of a food label from the designing and labeling experts. But if you believe in DIY or want to create something unique, then here are a few things you must consider.

Choose the Right tool:

The first step in creating the food label is the selection of the right tool. There are multiple design tools available, including Photoshop and Illustrator. But as a newbie, you might find these technical. So, to get all the design options and convenient interface, you can select Canva.

It is available as a free tool with advanced features available in the pro version. You can upload your brand name and other design elements according to your requirements with utmost ease.

Arrange the most vital information first:

While designing your food labels, you must provide the serving size, calorie count, and disclose the necessary nutrients present in the product.

So, rather than dedicating the space to the decoration items, it is important you must list these aspects first and then go for the aesthetic appeal.

Choose the label size:

Another essential thing to consider is choosing the right label size. It will depend upon your container or product size. Besides, the type of container will influence the size as well. So, before you start designing, be sure about the size and enter the proper dimensions in the tool as aligning it after the completion of the design would be a problem.

Make sure it is clear and readable:

Your food label must contain your brand name and all the necessary details. However, you must not compromise on the readability in any way. Adjust the font type and size accordingly.

In addition, leave white spaces between the text lines to let the consumers read the information you have shared on your label.

Do not forget to include your brand name:

Although there is a lot of necessary information to consider when designing your food label. But you cannot miss the brand logo. Be sure to include a consistent brand logo throughout your product line as it will help in creating a brand image.

Be creative:

Last but not least, be creative in designing your food labels. The use of color, designs, and fonts can help you make a perfect label for your product.

Summing Up:

Designing your DIY label can be a technical task. But you can use your creative skills to come up with a perfect label. In case you don’t want to design your own label, hiring a professional designer can be the solution.  But the choice is yours.

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