Discover the Wonders of the Aquatic World – Shedd Aquarium

Do you have a fascination with marine life? The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago offers an immersive experience into the underwater world. With thousands of species and numerous exhibits, you can spend an entire day exploring and learning.

What Can You Enjoy at the Shedd Aquarium?

Here is a list of activities and exhibits you can enjoy during your visit to the Shedd Aquarium:

Aquatic Show:

Watch dolphins, belugas, and sea lions perform in an interactive aquatic show. This spectacular event highlights the intelligence and agility of marine mammals. The show combines entertainment with education, teaching visitors about the behavior and conservation of these incredible animals.

Wild Reef Exhibit:

Dive into the Wild Reef exhibit, which showcases a diverse range of marine life from the Philippines’ coral reefs. Get up close with sharks, stingrays, and colorful fish in this captivating display. The exhibit features a 400,000-gallon tank, providing a stunning view of coral reef habitats and the species that inhabit them.

Amazon Rising:

Experience the Amazon Rising exhibit, which takes you through the ecosystem of the Amazon River. Encounter exotic species such as piranhas, anacondas, and tropical birds. This exhibit simulates seasonal changes in the Amazon, showing how animals and plants adapt to the flooded rainforest environment.


The Abbott Oceanarium allows you to explore the habitats of the Pacific Northwest. This large exhibit features playful sea otters, majestic beluga whales, and agile dolphins. The Oceanarium includes both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking views of marine mammals and their natural behaviors.

Interactive Touch Tanks:

Get hands-on with marine creatures in the interactive touch tanks. Feel the texture of starfish, sea urchins, and other fascinating invertebrates. These touch tanks provide a tactile learning experience, especially enjoyable for children and families, and offer insights into the lives of various marine species.

Caribbean Reef:

Marvel at the Caribbean Reef exhibit, a 90,000-gallon circular tank located at the heart of the Shedd Aquarium. It features a variety of vibrant marine life, including rays, sea turtles, and an array of tropical fish. The exhibit also includes daily diver presentations, where divers feed the animals and answer visitor questions.

Polar Play Zone:

The Polar Play Zone is a kid-friendly area where children can dress up as penguins and explore life in the Arctic. This interactive exhibit includes opportunities to watch real penguins and learn about their icy habitats. It’s a perfect spot for families with young children to engage in playful learning.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours:

For a more in-depth experience, join a behind-the-scenes tour. These tours offer a closer look at how the aquarium operates, including insights into animal care, feeding routines, and the efforts involved in conservation and research. It’s an excellent way to understand the daily operations of a major aquarium.

Summing Up

The Shedd Aquarium is a fantastic place for marine life enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Whether you are a local or visiting Chicago, this attraction offers a blend of education and entertainment for all ages. With its diverse exhibits and interactive experiences, the Shedd Aquarium promises a memorable and enriching day for everyone.