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How to Pick the Right Font for Your Labels?

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You don’t only have to look for high-quality labels but to put the message across the right way, you need to find the right font.

But if you aren’t aware of the right font you can use on your labels, we’ll be helping you find the right one. Let’s discuss.

Factors to choose the right font:

Below are the main factors in choosing the right label fonts:

Clean and has a nice look

Your labels provide the audience with information about your product and its usage. So, you wouldn’t like this information to be blurry or non-understandable. A font plays an essential role in this aspect. Using a script font with a sans serif font is often considered readable while providing you with the right outlook. Don’t forget the role of choosing the right material during this process.

Analysis of the brand personality is important

You might not have noticed it before, but the use of the font can also give a branded look. Using different fonts can portray your brand differently. So, choosing the one that will reflect your brand is essential. Some of the brand personalities you might consider for displaying your brand’s image are: bold, modern, playful, rustic, elegant and straightforward.

Usage with the other fonts

In a typical label, you can use three different types of fonts. When choosing your fonts, you must analyze the proximity and the overall usage of one font with the other. Every font you select must complement others to give the branded look overall.

Dos and Don’ts while choosing the label font

By keeping these factors in account, you can ultimately get hold of the best labels. There are a few other things you must consider for optimal usage of the fonts on the labels.

Readability – make sure the font size you choose is big enough to be readable from a few feet. You might not want your description to be this big, but the product name must be legible.

Don’t copy the big brands – while trying to create your own brand image; you wouldn’t like your customers to get an image of another brand. So avoid copying the fonts and styles used by the big brands.

Test your labels – before you put them on the product, test them for readability and the overall image they create. This stage can help you save the extra expenditure on non-readable labels.

Summing up

Choosing the right font is essential for making the perfect labels for your product. You can get help from the crucial factors discussed in this article while making the right choice.

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